Star Letter 005: Interplanetary Travel Looking Grim For Aliens (And Us)

We know that not everyone has the same optimism for getting to Mars.

Why? Because as it turns out, traveling to a new world is REALLY expensive.

NASA’s Chief of Human Spaceflight Bill Gerstenmaier says that they will be sticking to a “flat budget”, so the question remains the same…will we EVER get to Mars!? EVER!??

Also, in more disappointment, NASA’s only planned mission to the Moon’s surface has been cancelled.  And if you’re thinking, “well, we may not be going into deep space, but maybe an alien species will make their way to us on Earth”.  Well, it doesn’t look that way either.

Research has shown that any other planets that are similar, or larger than, Earth are much like a prison to their lifeforms.  Not only with how much more expensive it is for them (looks like we aren’t the only species with “budgeting conflicts”), but with how strong their gravity is, they are literally trapped! But, for you Trekkies out there, we did feature an article on our site all about how your own species of human gave Space Shuttle Enterprise her name.


Gravitational Glue Keeps Aliens From Leaving Earth-Like Planets

“ ‘Super-Earth’ planets are giant-size versions of Earth, and some research has suggested that they’re more likely to be habitable than Earth-size worlds. But a new study reveals how difficult it would be for any aliens on these exoplanets to explore space.”

Read: Space.com

Are We EVER Getting to Mars!?

“When it comes to spaceflight, there are crazy optimistic schedules like those that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sometimes tosses about, and then there’s just plain crazy. Some recent comments from the chief executive of Boeing, an aerospace company that simultaneously holds the most lucrative contracts in NASA’s exploration, International Space Station, and commercial crew programs, seem to fall into the latter category.”

   Read: Arstechnica.com


“NASA is pulling the plug on its only planned robotic mission to the Moon’s surface. The space agency has reportedly canceled its Resource Prospector — a small rover that was designed to excavate materials such as hydrogen, oxygen, and water from the lunar poles. The move has angered many lunar scientists, and now they’re calling on NASA’s new administrator to keep the program alive, claiming it’s a crucial mission to help return humans back to the Moon.”

Read: The Verge

Beam Me Up, Scotty…Onto The Space Shuttle Enterprise

Bringing the Space Shuttle Enterprise to life started began even before the celebrated Apollo era and even before NASA was actually a thing. Prior to the national space program’s existence, there was NACA—the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. They were the first to contemplate a vehicle that could fly to space and back, landing horizontally on a runway much like a commercial airliner. At the time, it was seen (and financed) as a potential military asset.”

Read: StarLetters

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