Close Your Eyes and See

I created this blog so more and more people find their way towards a life they can design as well as a life that is outside of grief and pain.

Outside of a predetermined destiny about life.

I believe that we get to create our reality and a lot of us do this by accident because we don’t know we can do this with intention.

Could this be a cooperative journey with the Universe?

Is it possible to program ourselves to create a life that we want?

Imagine if it is, and we have been missing out?

Imagine if we can look at the stars and imagine possibilities for our lives.

Imagine worlds and destinies.

Imagine joy. Love. Partners. Adventures.

One day in the future we will experience a paradigm shift.

Hopefully in the near future.

Where we are aware of our abilities and gifts of creation.

Right now we believe that the brush in our hand is not for us to use on the canvas. But for someone else outside of us.

One day we will be convinced that we are the ones who control the brush strokes.

We are the painters of our paintings.

But in order to believe this, we have to paint deeper.

We have to journey deep in our consciousness to see what is invisible.

To hear what has been unheard for so long.

And to believe possible what has seemed impossible.

I feel like I want to grab you by the hand and run with you inside your world and show you the beauty you hold within is even more real than what you see in front of you every day.

For some reinforcement, I will bring forth one of my favorite authors Bruce H. Lipton.

He talks about our world in ways that show us how incredibly fascinating what we see is. And how it is as close to nothing as it can possibly be.  

“If it were theoretically possible to observe the composition of an actual atom with a microscope, what would we see? From far away, the atom would likely appear as a blurry sphere. As its structure came nearer to focus, the atom would become less clear and less distinct. As the surface of the atom drew near, it would disappear. You would see nothing. In fact, as you focused through the entire structure of the atom, all you would observe is a physical void. No, there has not been a printing mistake; atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter! So in our world, material substance (matter) appears out of thin air. Kind of weird, when you think about it. Here you are holding this physical book in your hands. Yet if you were to focus on the book’s material substance with an atomic microscope, you would see that you are holding nothing.”


This phone you hold in your hands.

The words you are reading.

The seat you are sitting on.

Boom. Nothing.

How can it be that this very physical and material world is not what it seems?

And yet, no matter how many articles you read like this you will wake up tomorrow morning and you will dismiss this possibility even if it’s based on facts.

So please just imagine another possibility.

Wake up tomorrow morning and question your reality just a tiny bit.

I am not asking you to question your whole existence, of course you can if you want to but just for this, just for today just question something small.

Like the trees outside your window.

Maybe they are there because you have been told that trees look like this since you were two- years-old and your mind is trained to see this in front of you as a tree and not as something else.

Now close your eyes just for a few seconds.

Take a deep breath.

And see with your eyes closed.

See beyond the darkness, beyond the constraints of your brain that reduces you to this seemingly external reality.

Allow yourself to witness a world within.

Look for the trees inside.

Look for yourself there.

Just a glimpse is all you need.

Beyond the darkness, within yourself, there is a place where you get to create what you see on the outside. Your paint brush. Your canvas is inside of you. Go there every day and come back with a new life for yourself.

You know Einstein left us with a lot of insight and wisdom worth considering.

He said that the Universe is a whole in which energy and matter are completely and totally entangled.

Do not consider them as separate entities.

The world inside of you and the world you see on the outside is one and the same. (Click to Tweet!)

Don’t you forget about it.


PS: If you are a writer and you write about space, spirituality, technology and of course the stars apply here.

Christina Rasmussen is the creator and founder of The Life Reentry Institute, Second Firsts, The Life Starters and Star Letters. Christina is on a crusade to help millions of people rebuild, reclaim, and relaunch their lives using the power of their own minds. Christina’s work has been featured on ABC News, NPR, The White House Blog, and MariaShriver.com. She is the bestselling author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again, which has also been translated in Chinese and German and is currently working on her second book on expanding the mind in ways that allows co creation with the forces of the universe. She is also writing her first work of fiction: a science fiction story about a woman on a quest to start over and begin a new life.

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