I Observe Therefore I Create

Imagine for a second that the life you are experiencing here has many versions.

But you can’t see the other versions, therefore, you think there is only one.

It is the one you observe every day.

You wake up each morning and you think about this day, this life, this job, this house, this to do list.

But what if there was another life?

Many lives.

Many versions of you.

You have short hair, long hair, brown hair, blond hair.

All the colors that exist.

What if there were many different versions of this life and the only reason you didn’t experience the other versions is that you didn’t know they existed?

And you didn’t observe them.

You could not see them.

Or think them.

Because you didn’t know you could think up a whole universe.

The truth is, there are many infinite worlds similar to the one you are experiencing now.

There are many versions of you.

When I think about it and try to understand it my head hurts.

It is not easy to imagine that there is another me living in another house with different thoughts, experiences and needs.

With a different destiny even.  

Most people have heard of parallel universes through movies and science fiction books but even though these are supposed to be imaginary they are based on real science.

My question has always been: how can we know that these exist and continue to live our lives the same way as if there is only one reality, when in actuality there are infinite versions of this reality?

And if the number of these Universes is truly infinite, does that mean that there are parallel Universes out there, where everything in it evolved exactly the same as our own Universe did, except one tiny quantum outcome was different?

Scientists say that the fabric of our universe is being disrupted by another universe.

The discovery could provide proof of the multiverse theory, which says that there are many alternate universes.

But what does it all mean to us if we can never explore another universe?

If they don’t affect this life.

According to quantum physics, the observer who is you can affect which universe or even which life will be experienced.

In quantum physics all potentials exist.

When you think of a goal, or someone you want to date, there is a universe with that version of your life being created.

When we make a decision, a choice, all the other choices collapse and we only get to experience this one choice.

The observer of a thought has a huge impact on the outcome of that thought.

If for example you expect to fail at an exam then the outcome of the exam will be influenced. You increase the potential of the probability of failing.

Neale Donald Walsch once said that:

Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer.

That statement, from science holds an enormous and powerful insight.

It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see.”

To be honest with you no matter how many scientists work daily for thousands of years to discover the truth of our universe the truth will always change.

And you know why?

Because the observers change.

Every experiment is being observed by many different scientists and if there is truth in the Observer Effect then we will never ever get to a universal truth that stays the same.  

But we have enough to know that observing something can affect the outcome of what we are observing.

Our lives have infinite outcomes depending on which one we believe and think about. (Click to Tweet!)

And believing this will ultimately change the trajectory of your life.

It changed mine.

Even though I don’t always succeed I do try to think about outcomes I want instead of all the things I don’t want to have happen.

I hope you do too.

With Stardust,


Christina Rasmussen is the creator and founder of The Life Reentry Institute, Second Firsts, The Life Starters and Star Letters. Christina is on a crusade to help millions of people rebuild, reclaim, and relaunch their lives using the power of their own minds. Christina’s work has been featured on ABC News, NPR, The White House Blog, and MariaShriver.com. She is the bestselling author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again, which has also been translated in Chinese and German and is currently working on her second book on expanding the mind in ways that allows co creation with the forces of the universe. She is also writing her first work of fiction: a science fiction story about a woman on a quest to start over and begin a new life.

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