Get Quiet to Unlock Your Heart

Today’s Star Letter is from Elaine Glass.


I found you in the midst of a trillion stars.

Shining off the backdrop of a colorful and fiery Universe.

As Twin Stars, our Twin Souls collided and were blinded by our collective energies.

We danced on top of white cotton candy clouds, spinning somersaults and tasting life’s sweetness.

I fell in love with you in the twinkle of the night’s slumber.

Do stars collide like human souls collide?

Do stars recognize each other’s magnetic energy like human souls do?

Because when I saw you I truly believed you were my soul mate, my star mate, my everything.

And in this realm, we laughed and played and never lost sight of one another.

We had lost so much time.

Our souls were desperate to be close.

We were overcome with an intense realization of a billion lifetimes; that it’s me and you, it’s always been me and you, and will forever be.

Because your light shined so brightly, in the midst of those trillion stars, I was able to find you.

You were revealed to me in my quiet moment when all of my senses were open to receive.

This kind of love can only come in one’s silent state of being, for this is the place of absolute truth and the key that unlocks broken hearts.

I wanted to stay with you forever…

In an instant, I was blinded by a supernova flash of light and what was once our twin star was now a single star.

The energy bounced me across a million light years and I found myself in a small New York City apartment high above the noisy streets.

Was this all a dream?

Are you still with me?

You told me twin stars could never be torn apart.

I was desperate to find you again.

It would be difficult to feel you again with all of the noise in this city.

It’s difficult to heal our spirit in the everyday clamor of life. My missing you needed healing. I created my spiritual sanctuary in the Quiet moments where I could hear my soul’s voice guiding me every step of the way.

Why do we need Quiet? Our Central Nervous System is like the internet of our body. It sends important messages to every cell. It tells our major organs to be healthy. If our Central Nervous System is in a state of havoc, our body is susceptible to illness and without calm we have dis-ease.

I trusted Mother Nature. The parks and the streams supported me. It was here where I most felt you would be circling planet Earth trying to find me.

And so it was, in the determined trees who whispered your name and guided me closer to you.

I made it a daily ritual to Get Quiet.

I felt joy, inner peace, unconditional love, and freedom there.

All I wanted was to be close to you.

I asked over and over, are you the one, the one I was meant to love for eternity?

I noticed if I calmed my body and took time to breathe, I could be right back with you.

Anytime I needed you, I could be with you. I see how this works now.

Back and forth from Earth into space I went.

It takes great imagination and faith. I had to trust myself. My heart had to stay open.

At last, you appeared! It was finally time to rest our weary souls.

We looked out to the vast Universe together in wonderment and amazement.

“There is too much purpose, too much logic, it’s all too beautiful to happen by accident. There has to be someone bigger than you and bigger than me… and I mean this in a spiritual sense, not in a religious sense, there has to be a creator of the Universe who stands above the religions that we ourselves create to govern our lives.”  ~ Astronaut Eugene Cernan

I still dance here on earth under the full moon, longing to keep dancing with you. (Click to Tweet!)

My soul remains in a deep love;

A love so vast as the Universe we played in.



Elaine Glass is a seeker for deep meaning in life and inner peace, she intuitively knew that finding quiet places within her own mind and environment would allow her to hear her truth and to help others do the same. She was on a search for the answers outside herself and expected to find it there. But where she found true peace, solitude, calm, good health and ultimately her purpose was when she chose to listen to and trust her own voice. Elaine has dedicated her life to showing people how to get quiet and listen to identify their truth and is passionate about helping people know themselves more fully. She has witnessed hundreds of people within professional and personal relationships thrive because of her methods. You can find more info on her site and follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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