You Can Visit NASA For A SpaceX Rocket Launch. Here’s How.

Did you know that Star Letters was inspired by a visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in March of 2015? NASA launched the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission. The beautiful evening liftoff saw a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket lift a constellation of 4 satellites to distant orbit for a two-year study of Earth’s Magnetosphere.

Pretty exciting huh? Out on Florida’s space coast were the reporters who cover rocket launches, photojournalists, engineers and contractors who work at Kennedy Space Center, the scientists overseeing the MMS project….and everyday people from around the world.

That’s right, around 50 of them. NASA allows those who have an interest in space and can use their social media accounts to share what they see at Kennedy Space Center during the tours, press conferences, and of course, the launch!

“If your passion is to communicate and engage the world via social media, then this is the event for you! Seize the opportunity to be on the front line to blog, tweet or Instagram everything about SpaceX’s 13th mission to the space station, says NASA. “In addition to supplies and equipment, the Dragon spacecraft will deliver several science investigations to the station.”

Anyone with an active social media account and some interest in space can apply. Here’s why you should:

SpaceX will be reflying its Dragon Cargo Capsule AND one the company’s ground-breaking (not literally) reusable Falcon 9 rockets. This is an extraordinary thing because NASA has never launched a mission on a previously used orbital rocket..in its history.

NASA allowed SpaceX to reuse a Dragon spacecraft for a resupply mission for the first time earlier this year. It was also the first time a reusable spacecraft docked with the International Space Station since the retirement of the space shuttle.

Also: The mission will be launched at Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 40 which was destroyed last year when the Falcon 9 exploded before a mission.

Here’s what you’ll experience according to the space agency:

NASA Social participants will have the opportunity to:

  • View a launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket
  • Tour NASA facilities at Kennedy Space Center
  • Speak with representatives from NASA and SpaceX
  • View and take photographs of the Falcon 9 rocket at Space Launch Complex 40
  • Meet fellow space enthusiasts who are active on social media

NASA Social registration for the CRS-13 launch opens on this page on October 31 and the deadline to apply is on November 7 at 11:59 p.m. EST. All social applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Apply here: https://socialforms.nasa.gov/socialcredential



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