All Healing Is Self Healing

Today’s Star Letter is from Razi Berry.


14 years old and I was going to die. My heart was failing me.

I remember the priest came in to do last rites.

This was the late 1980s and culture was different. Less coddling.

I remember the hospital staff’s disdain because it was the complication of an eating disorder.

So true, I wasn’t loving myself. And my body suffered for it.

She’s doing it to herself,” I heard the doctor say. But I saw him from above. I saw the shiny top of his head. I looked down at my 4-year-old brother holding my mom’s hand.

She brought him in to say goodbye.

Suddenly I was enveloped in love. Warm. Bright. Safe.

“She’s doing it to herself…

“…to herself.”

“…to herself.”

The words echoed.

I wanted to escape the disdain, the judgment. Their grief.

I wanted to go into the love.

But something showed me that there was love where I was. I was leaving love that I already had.

Because yes, we are more than this. We are more than flesh. We are made of stardust.

We are more, more more.

But we are also this experience. We are also this physical body with these human desires.

Not only this. but also this.

And it’s important.

Even a tree needs roots in the earth in order to stand in the sun. To bear fruit. To look up at the stars that we are part of.

Afterlife researcher and author Jurgen Ziewe writes of his experiences of out of body experiences in his book Multidimensional Man that it may be possible that we are experiencing ourselves on many different dimensions at once, and that the quality of these dimensions that we co-create are dependent upon many factors including how we treat others, and even how we treat ourselves.

In fact, the better, more compassionate that we live in this physical dimension, affects the beauty, the colors, the music, the very quality of our environment that we get to experience. Even the relationships we have.

It’s not all about our thoughts. It’s also about how we choose to move through these dimensions. It’s how we choose to behave and interact with each other and our environment.

Because no, we are not alone.

I learned in those brief yet eternal moments between this space and perhaps the next, that the love (the verb love, by the way) we show, not just for ourselves, but for each other, affects every dimension in which we exist. Going forward and backward.


Isn’t this what healing is?

I left that hospital afterward, with a healed heart. No medications. Zero.

But it was also the beginning of a lifelong journey to respect my physical self. To live richly in this temporal experience and take beautiful care of the temporary human garment I wear.

The stars, the sun, the earth, the fruits and flora, all are here for us to respect and to love. To take into ourselves, like the rooted tree, so we can experience all that we are.

On this dimension. So that we can learn what we need to move on.

No, it wasn’t all roses from there. This life is to be lived and there are risks, lessons.

There was loss. There was Fibromyalgia. There were miscarriages and years of infertility. There was grief. There was divorce.

But it’s all necessary to fully live out our destiny here. To create what is beyond for us.

To launch a rocket there needs to be a launching pad.

How much of your suffering comes not from that which is outside of you, but from how you interact and react to it? How much of your health comes from choices you make or don’t make? From not realizing that you are so much more than this, and you are all of this and deserve the love and self-understanding to take care of your body, mind and heart. To choose You.

I found that all healing is self-healing, and it is found on the NaturalPath.

We are designed to heal. To live. To thrive. It is in our nature because we are nature.

We are the stars, the earth, and so much more.

I found that the most effective way to heal is to accept the love that is already around me. Only then could I access more. The idea that like attracts like. The law of similars.

The secret to accessing the healing power inside of you.

We often try to access healing as if it were something outside of us. In this physical realm, we are our bodies and our minds all at once, and can access our self-healing ability by not only being mindful but by being “body-full”.

I use this body-full meditation practice to access the same healing love I experienced years ago when I had my near death experience.

Look all around you and notice everything in your scope of vision. Put your attention on the shapes,  the size, the colors, the textures. Notice your relationship to these objects. Notice you are taking this information in with your body, with your eyes and mind.

Combine this awareness of what you see with the awareness of scents and smells around you. If you are in the kitchen cooking, notice the sharpness of the onion or the vibrant sweetness of peeling an orange. If you are playing with your child, notice the sweet warm scent of her hair. See how you are experiencing this inside of you, inside of your own body

At the same time bring to your full focus the tactile sensations of what you can feel. The orange rind is smooth and yet bumpy under your fingertips, your cotton shirt is light and soft against your skin, your bra strap is too tight. Whatever you feel, feel it completely. Notice breathing air into your lungs, feel the blood pumping nutrients to your cells. Feel that you are alive, living in your body, in this eternal moment.

Listen to what you can hear. The clock ticking, the dryer buzzing, your partner breathing, a car honking, your own heart beating.

It is through all the senses of your body that you experience who you are, at this moment in timelessness.

This simple exercise, when done regularly, will allow you to communicate with your body in such a way that will help you gain access to that which you cannot experience with your five senses. In naturopathic medicine, we call this the Vis, the all intelligent life-force inside of you. The universal love in and all around you.

Love is medicine. (Click to Tweet!)

Razi Berry is founder and publisher of the practitioner’s journal Naturopathic Doctor News & Review and the naturopathic living website Natural Path. She is the host and founder of TheHeartRevolution.org where we learn how to heal, empower and follow our hearts to better health, body and spirit.



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